In a Nutshell

We offer conventional funds that deliver excess returns in the long-term. We have established ourselves as one of the leading money management platforms investing in MENA, consistently sitting in the top quartile of risk-adjusted returning managers. Consequently, we have established our position as one of the leading asset managers in the region, with many of our funds ranked as top performers and winning several industry awards

Conventional and Sharia


We Currently Manage AED 500 Million in MENA Equities Through Funds and Discretionary Mandates

Open Ended Funds


Open Ended Funds to Meet Constantly Rising Investor Demand

Retail and Institutional


Provision of Units to Both Retail and Institutional Investors

Meeting Clients’ Needs


Based on Multiple Criteria such as Time Factor, Return Expectations and Risk Tolerance.

Al Mal Public Funds

Choose from equities that have incredible income bearing and growth potential just as the middle east region expands and diversifies to more profitable sectors such as information technology and consumer services. With foreign direct investments rising, the GCC will foresee increased economic growth, employment, and raised GDP and we want to advance your growth in capital.

Al Mal UAE Equity Fund

Strong track record for a “long only” Equity Fund

Won several awards over the last 10 years

Proven track record of outperformance in bull and bear markets

Active tactical allocation to capitalize on special situations

Al Mal MENA Equity Fund

Provides a well-diversified exposure to MENA equities

Top down-bottom up approach: stock selection using disciplined investment process

Tactical asset allocation by rebalancing exposure to countries based on macro fundamentals

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Al Mal Capital Investment Management offers a discretionary portfolio management service, which encompasses our core MENA investment strategies and international cross asset allocations and is specifically designed to deliver clients’ investment objectives on a personalized and tailored basis

Analysis and Research

As a private and personalized service, we evaluate our clients’ investment requirements based on multiple criteria such as time factor, return expectations and risk tolerance.

Successful Track Record

Our team’s experience in managing assets across MENA & International markets, exemplified in our successful track record, ensures that we are equipped to handle your portfolio management needs.

Portfolio Construction

Our team of professional investment managers constructs a portfolio in conjunction with your pre-determined parameters, establishes a benchmark against which performance will be compared and operates a discretionary account mandate that is specifically designed to meet portfolio objectives.

Portfolio Review

Portfolio review and communication with the portfolio manager is an essential feature of discretionary investment management services. We provide a comprehensive portfolio summary and conversation with the portfolio manager, along with a regular performance review by email.

1: Client Meeting

Understanding client risk and return objectives, liquidity & time requirements.

2: Set investment strategy

Support client with a proposal thorough analysis, focus, diversification in order to optimize returns.

3: Investment agreement

Client to sign proposal and Investment Management Agreement.

4: Portfolio rebalancing

Reconstruct the existing portfolio according to Client’s requirements.

5: Monitor & review

Active management on ongoing basis with ability to adapt to client’s required changes.

Diversification Is A Key To Long Term Growth

Analysis and Research


Today’s investment environment is becoming more complex and unpredictable than ever before. Many investors lack the sound advice required to meet their financial objectives.

Service Excellence


We provide the highest quality of service in order to exceed our clients’ expectations, gain their trust and build long-term relationships.

Success in Fund Raising


In a very short period, we managed to position our name as a unique regional investment institution because performance is our utmost priority, and we continually work to optimize it. We believe that excellence can only be achieved through rigorous and disciplined investment processes that are consistently applied.

Global Market Opportunities


We work on diversifying clients’ investments with products from a broad range of global markets. We have access to unique strategies and products for capital preservation.


Al Mal Capital proud to associate with Dubai Police “Esaad” Card

All Esaad card holders investing in Al Mal Capital Public funds will receive a 50% discount on the fees.