Perspectives October Publication

Welcome to the eight edition of Perspectives.

Despite all the political noise and natural disasters, international markets continued their move in a favorable direction in the third quarter as investors cheered rising company earnings and improving global growth. As we discuss in this publication, the market outlook for the rest of the year seems pretty solid as the risks to economic and corporate profit growth seems rather low.

That being said, the current market context of low volatility is not supposed to last forever which means that a more dynamic asset allocation will be required at some point. In the “Portfolio Management section”, we look at the “3-way model”, a simple but highly effective trend following system which could potentially help asset allocators to identify regime change.

Our regional markets continue to be challenging but astute managers have the ability to generate decent returns through alpha generation. In this edition of Perspectives, we look at how Middle East economies and companies are navigating throughout the “post-Oil Era”. We view the current market context as an opportunity to differentiate between winners and losers.

The “Hot Topic” of this month focus on the recent decision by Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive. We look at who can be the short term and medium term economic beneficiaries of this major milestone for Saudi.

We hope you will enjoy this issue.

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