Mr. Naser Al Nabulsi is currently the Vice-Chairman & CEO of Al Mal Capital.

From 1989 until 2000, he worked with Merrill Lynch International as a top performer internationally, holding the position of First Vice President at the age of 27 and managing relationships for institutions and high net worth families in the region.

From 2000 until early 2003 Mr. Al Nabulsi joined the Private Office of HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to build up the investment and asset management arm of the office. Mr. Al Nabulsi served as the Senior Investment Officer for the Executive Office, and as Head of Private Equity and Asset Management for the group.

In 2003, he was requested to take on the role of Chief Executive Officer of the newly announced Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Mr. Al Nabulsi transformed DIFC from a nascent idea into a recognized and respected brand in regional and global financial markets. Under his leadership, DIFC laid the groundwork for its future success by establishing the legal, regulatory, and physical presence for the world’s next significant financial hub.