Our story starts in 2003.  The financial sector in the UAE reached a turning point. It was then that DIFC, headed by Naser Al Nabulsi as its CEO, took off.
Soon after, local equity markets surged. Investors began to queue at exchanges and it became apparent to the banking community that the UAE was establishing itself as a financial hub. This motivated Naser Al Nabulsi to establish Al Mal Capital. Founded in 2005 and guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, Al Mal Capital was created to meet the growing needs of the investor community.  And it would grow along with them.
In 2009, a new set of challenges emerged and the banking industry. Many financial outfits were forced to reconsider their business model.  Through an understanding of client needs, a dedication to shared goals and an ability to remain agile, Al Mal Capital not only managed to survive, it opened a new chapter. This didn’t go unnoticed, and Dubai Investments acquired a 60% majority holding in 2015.
Today we are expanding our offerings and product lines to recognize advances in technology, breakthroughs in health and sciences, and an evolution in education. New services include the family office solutions, and direct investments. Further, we are expanding our reach to more places in the MENA region, as well as in the US, Europe and Asia.
Al Mal Capital will continue to be driven by that which makes it unique - a passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team with one goal – to grow with you.