Perspectives March Publication

Welcome to the 23rd edition of Perspectives.

For once, we step back from traditional asset classes investing and focus on some of the new trends which are shaping the financial industry. Blockchain and crypto assets are probably the most disruptive (and controversial) developments taking place within financial services. While many analysts and investors see the 2018 “crypto crash” as a proof that the party is over for crypto assets, we feel they are missing the considerable developments happening on the blockchain and in the crypto ecosystem. In this edition of Perspectives, we share the view that crypto assets could soon emerge from their “crypto winter” and move into the “institutionalization” phase. In the “Hot Topic” section, we look at the different options available to get exposure to this theme.

This publication also includes an interview of Jan Brzezek, the CEO of Crypto Fund AG which is the first, and currently the only, regulated asset  manager for crypto assets authorized by FINMA in Switzerland. At the start of 2019, Al Mal Capital signed a distribution agreement with Crypto Fund AG, with the aim to distribute some of their investment solutions to qualified investors in the UAE.
Blockchain offers a new approach of transacting in our existing, interconnected world and is expected to disrupt a vast number of industries and processes in the years to come. In the “Future trends” section, we look at how Blockchain could disrupt trade finance, an industry where the current documentation process is centuries old, highly inefficient, fragmented and vulnerable to fraud.
In the last part of this publication, we then look at Search Funds, a niche within Private Equity which is developing at a very fast pace while staying under the radar of most generalists.
We hope you will enjoy this issue.

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