Perspectives June Publication

Ramadan Kareem and welcome to the fifth edition of Perspectives.

Despite the extraordinary political environment in which we find ourselves, the vast majority of global equity markets are reaching new highs as investors begin to appreciate the rate of change improvement in the economy, and importantly, corporate earnings.

During this euphoria, some particular stories are catching the attention of the general public. The 20-year anniversary of Amazon IPO is one of them – this exceptional journey is our “Hot topic” of the month.

Unfortunately, our regional markets have not been participating to the global uptrend. But despite the gloomy sentiment on the region, we remain upbeat on the prospects for the Middle East. In the markets review, we highlight the bright outlook for GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Fixed Income markets. The investment theme of the month is about the growing popularity of GCC Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Last but not least, our Middle East equities section tries to quantify the effects on the market of a potential inclusion of Saudi in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

Coming back to international markets, our monthly investment strategy piece focus on Trade Finance Loans, a unique asset class that provides investors with decent income as well as significant portfolio diversification.

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