Al Mal Capital offers a unique array of asset management products, the product of Al Mal Capital’s ability to attract fund management talent of the highest calibre, combined with insightful analysis into timely investment opportunities:

Public Equity Funds

Public Equity Funds concentrate on companies listed in regional stock markets, managed by our in-house team of investment professionals focused on maximizing appreciation potential.

Private Equity Funds

Private Equity Funds primarily invest in private companies offering the potential to create significant, long-term value for investors, over a full market cycle of five to seven years, in a variety of sectors and styles of investing.

Real Estate Funds

Real Estate Funds are designed to participate in specific property-related opportunities in the UAE and broader Middle East, offering close interaction with the management team in implementing a capital appreciation-oriented strategy.

Income Funds

Income Funds typically invest in fixed income securities, sukuk and debt issues issued by government, corporate or other entities. The primary objective of such products is to preserve capital and generate both current income and capital gains, often for distribution in the form of periodic dividends to investors.